The Hague- Oegstgeest – Hilversum April 2018

Picture credits: Photo left : Martine Teunissen Design middle: Loïc Benot Photo right : Walther Vlaanderen

Join us for a weekend in The Netherlands for A Few Days Like No Others – 13-15 April 2018.

We propose a shared house in Wassenaar, opposite to the house of our king. We invite you to arrive in the afternoon on Friday and our program will start in the evening with a nice dinner in the city of Leiden and going out for the movies in an Art Deco cinema. It will also give you an opportunity to see the beautiful city of Leiden by night. Leiden is 15 minutes away by car from Wassenaar.

The next day, we will visit the Louwman museum which has the oldest private collection of cars in the world. We will have a special guided tour focusing on the Art Deco cars and affiches of the 1920s and 1930s. This museum is located close by the shared house.

In the afternoon you can take it easy and get ready for our special 1920s /1930s evening in a beautiful Art Deco church with live music, performance and dance. Dress code: evening attire 1920s/1930s. Or, if you have a great amount of energy, we have a few nice addresses of Art Deco buildings in The Hague before you join the party.

On Sunday, after a nice sleep in, we will visit the legacy of the architect Dudok in Hilversum. The ‘Raadhuis’ is one of the most famous buildings in The Netherlands of Dudok, which we will visit during a guided tour. The guided tours need a minimum of 8 people. The guided tours will be given in English.
We would like to reserve the shared house on Friday and Saturday evening. Let us know if you also wish to stay for the Sunday evening.

The highlight of our weekend:
A 1920s / 1930s evening with live music,  performances and dance!

Join us for a special evening, set in the late 1920s, early 1930s, in the beautyful art deco church in Oegstgeest. We have asked the band the Diamond Four to come and play for us and they will bring a special guest to play the Grand piano.

We have another special guest: La Dandizette, who will give us a very special performance in the tradition of the 1920s Paris. Key Town Swing will help you at the start of the evening to improve your dancing skills.

We kindly ask you to dress in 1920s/1930s evening attire.

If you only wish to come to the party, ticket can be bought here.

For two nights in the villa including breakfast, guided tours, party and welcome drink: € 250,-
For three nights in the villa including breakfast, guided tours, party, welcome drinks and dinner on Sunday prepared by Loïc and me: € 325,-
The villa has a kitchen, which gives you the opportunity to cook an early dinner if you like on the Saturday evening, as Loïc and I will be busy with preparations for the party.

We will try to make sure everybody will be albe to get from A to B in cars. If we have a real shortage of cars public transport is available. Pick ups from airports or stations can be arranged.


We hope to see you soon!

Loïc and Martine