Steamtrain dinner 1920s

As part of our weekend of A Few Days Like No Others we reserved places for 16 in the original 1927 wagon of the steamtrain of the ‘Veluwse Stoomtrein Maatschappij’. It would be a dinner with ‘game’ according to the season. The question arose whether we should dress up in day dress or evening outfit, as the afternoon would quickly change into the evening. As we all like dressing up, we choose for an evening outfit and while the men were discussing which tie etc. the ladies were exchanging ideas about their dress, what to wear and what to make. One of our female guests created her own dress inlcuding the embroidery! Another male guest was very historically correct by starting in a daytime outfit (frock coat) and changing a few minutes after 6pm into a tailcoat: evening dress.

Upon arrival we were gathering in a station hall where we were given a welcome drink.


After that it was time to go into the train.









On the menu:




Murder on the orient express? A nightly stop!




Details of dress