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In the weekend of the 2th-4th of December Loïc and I were invited to come to the opening of the Art Deco Brussel society. Although this was not one of our events of A Few Days Like No Others, it had all the ingredients: we hired a house to share, we had apéritifs and dinners with like-minded people and friends, we went to visit museums and buildings and we had a guided tour in Ukkel. The general topic was ‘art deco’ and the 1920s and 1930s and many of our friends and new friends dressed up according to this time period. And as we made many nice pictures of the event and our visits, we thought this is a nice place to share this happening after all.

The openingsceremony of Art Deco Brussel

cecile-dubois pascal-yves-laurent

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Villa Empain


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Guided Tour in Ukkel

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Villa van Buuren

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