Picknick, bike ride and Kröller-Müller museum

After the visit to Jachthuis Sint Hubertus we had a small bike ride and then held a picknick under the trees in the shadow. It was a hot day with 28 degrees.

Although not period appropriate the coolbox kept our food at a nice temperature and even the beers were still cold (the coolbox was invented in the 1950s). We like to have picknicks in style when we dress up, so including porcelain plates, nice glasses for our drinks and nice cutlery. With a bit of menpower we managed to get the big picknick basket into the shade so we could enjoy lunch.

The sun must have had an effect on our period approriateness, with all these bottles of water lying around.

After a nice nap we continued on the bikes in the direction of Kröller-Müller museum to see the art collection of the couple that owned the Jachthuis, and to see the design of the museum by Henry van de Velde.

The air-conditioned museum was a good place to cool down a bit, and to see some nice art of ‘our’ period. The collection of Vincent van Gogh work is impressive as well.



We continued our tour towards the Veluwe desert!

Time for some whisky in the nice little cups and from the little bottle that had travelled with me to Scotland as well.

On the way back we had a break for Dutch ‘stroopwafels’ and had a chat with a couple who found our outfits quite interesting.

In the evening we profited for a long time of nice warm summer evening. This was the end of A Few Days Like No Others – edition Veluwe.